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The sun ain’t gonna shine any more…..

Yes, I knew it couldn’t be much longer before they broadcast the latest episode of Project Fear. The plot has been clear for the last two years and the storyline highly predictable and repetitive but the producers and directors are convinced that constant repetition will lead to viewers buying into the message. NOT! Ten biblical plagues befell the Pharaoh in Egypt:

  1. Water into blood
  2. Frogs
  3. Lice
  4. Mixture of wild animals
  5. Diseased livestock
  6. Boils
  7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire
  8. Locusts
  9. Darkness for three days
  10. Death of firstborn

Apparently leaving the EU is not dissimilar. Yesterday, in a series of (Scare Stories) “No Deal” Brexit plans we learned that:

  • The cost of card payments between the UK and EU will “likely increase” and won’t be covered by a ban on surcharges
  • Businesses trading with the EU should start planning for new customs checks, and might have to pay for new software or logistical help
  • Britons living elsewhere in Europe could lose access to UK banking and pension services without EU action
  • UK organic food producers could face new hurdles to exporting to the EU
  • Pharmaceutical companies have been told to stockpile an extra six weeks’ worth of medicine to ensure a “seamless” supply
  • The UK would continue to accept new medicines that have been tested in the EU
  • Low-value parcels from the EU would no longer be eligible for VAT relief
  • New picture warnings will be needed for cigarette packets as the EU owns the copyright to the current ones

Have you ever read such an unimportant load of rubbish? However, what really takes the biscuit is the latest contribution from the Treasury’s puppet, Hammond: The Treasury predicts that No Deal will mean that by 2033 GDP will be 7.7% lower and borrowing 80Bn a year higher.

This is the same Treasury that can’t even predict the most basic performance 3 months ahead under benign economic conditions; it’s the same Treasury that told us that a Leave vote wold result in the end of the world as we know it; the same Treasury that predicted a recession if we dared to vote to take back control. The same Treasury whose forecasts aren’t worth the bog roll they’re written on…..

People aren’t that stupid. The more and more ridiculous these stories have become the more and more people have seen it for what it is – a desperate attempt to subvert the will of the people. “Despite Brexit”, we’ll be far better off out!