Solving the drugs problem

It's a supply problem. Stop the supply at source and you'll solve the problem. That's the argument propounded by the countries where the drugs are sold.

The countries where these drugs originate argue it's a demand problem. Stop the demand and there will be no supply.

They're both wrong.

The profits to be made from the drugs industry are so immense that it's impossible to stop the supply. The drug barons can afford to spend far more on ensuring supply that any government can afford to spend stopping it. And that makes it impossible to prevent the demand. If necessary the dealers will give it away to create further demand. Once they're hooked they're hooked. Fueling further demand is easy for them.

There is a solution but what's needed first is a realisation that the battle against drugs can't be won by pursuing either of these stop supply/demand approaches. Once it's accepted that you can't stop the demand and you can't prevent the supply the solution (at least to me) is obvious - take over the supply.......

Governments spend billions fighting supply. Put that money instead into a chain of government clinics where drug addicts can get their fix for free under carefully controlled hygienic conditions. Straight away you'd end the need for addicts to steal to fuel their habit. If you're giving the addicts their fix for nothing why should they pay for it ? End result ? - the illegal supply would have no demand.....

Carefully controlled conditions I said - addicts would have to register and would have to participate in programs designed to reduce their drug dependence. Some would fail but some would succeed. Regardless of which it is there would be a major reduction of the crime in our streets that is caused by drug addicts need to feed their habit.

Some will argue this is condoning drug taking - it's not. It's simply pragmatism - this solution would work where trying to cut off the supply or prevent the demand can't.





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