Birds of Bahrain

This is the national bird of Bahrain - the White-Cheeked Bulbul (there's also a Red-Cheeked which is rare - I've seen it only twice).

It is quite common in the western part of the Island and has a beautiful song of about 7 separate notes. They are almost always seen in pairs except in Spring when a baby may accompany them. This is driven off to find its own territory within a few months.

This is a Crested Lark, another bird with a lovely song.

These are also widespread and blend in beautifully on sandy ground. They're also usually seen in pairs and are expert at distracting you by their call and then flying a short distance (in the direction they'd like you to go) if they have young around. In the early part of the year they like to sit on walls and sing (looking for a mate ?)

An ocasional visitor to our garden, this is a Graceful Warbler.

It's quite small and is the personification of perpetual motion - it never stops moving. Very hard to get a good look at one !

You're lucky if you see one of these - a Hoopoe.

Although we've read that they're quite common we've only seen a few - one in our garden in Saudi and the rest here in Bahrain. I think they're migratory. They feed on the ground and have the most fantastic plumage.

This is a Grey Francolin - a grouse-like bird which seems to live in large family groups.

It's not unusual to see father and mother with chicks training along behind. They seem to like to live in undergrowth and are almost always seen on the ground. When they do fly it's usually because you've startled them and they don't get very high. They have a distinctive call.





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